You know Your Industrial Automation System Best, Here’s What We Bring to the Table

In your plant, you know your system best. EPIC Industrial Automation provides expertise in integrating, programming, and designing advanced automation systems. We can come into your plant, work with your existing systems and equipment, and provide a unique system that performs above and beyond expectations.

When we take on an automation project, whether it’s a full system conversion or maintenance work on an existing system, we need the customer to provide a few pieces of information:

1. General System Knowledge:

Because you know your system best, it is imperative that you provide as much general system knowledge as possible. Wire routing layouts, I/O points, and server and controls information help us in engineering your new automation system. We can help you acquire this information if you do not know how to find it, but by having this information provided up front we are able to provide expert insight as to how to engineer your system.

2. General Project Spec:

You will need to tell us what you want to get out of the system. End-user requirements, system capabilities, and production goals are all quintessential to project execution. Again, we can help in developing this information if it is needed, but by having this information before engineering is kicked off we can develop a system that accurately meets your specification.

Once we have received this information from the client, we can start the pre-engineering and industrial automation engineering processes. During these stages, our expertise really shines. We bring key industrial automation engineer capabilities to the table, such as comprehensive project scheduling, brand/style agnostic programming and design, and complete system integration.

1. Comprehensive Project Scheduling:

Our team of expert automation engineers takes ownership of project scheduling from the initial design to the completion of implementation. By helping build a schedule, we can ensure that the project is completed on time and within spec. Once both parties mutually agree on plant shut down dates and execution stage gates, the project can be engineered and integrated appropriately.

2. Brand/Style Agnostic Programming & Design:

When we execute a project, we are completely brand and programming-style agnostic. What that means is that we will work with any software platform and we will program it your way, not the “EPIC” way. This is especially valuable when we are working on existing systems. Whether we are adding additional components or doing maintenance work in a plant, EPIC will design, program, and implement the system to your exact specification.

3. Complete System Integration:

We completely handle all the electrical installation and programming of advanced automation systems. We do not sub this work out to electrical contractors. Because we handle all the work from start to finish, we can guarantee that the project meets your spec and schedule. We take ownership of all the tasks and details so that we can satisfy your needs. We complete the software design to your basis and spec. Then, we install the system according to industry standard and code, while working within the constraints determined by plant shutdown times.

Industrial automation engineering is our area of expertise at EPIC Automation. We take pride in executing jobs from start to finish with our clients. We will help develop any necessary spec and documentation during pre-engineering. Then, we will help schedule the project execution timeline, program, and design to your specification. Finally, we will complete the system integration making sure that it is done on time and up to code.

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